Corvus Tech has been organising an Annual Web and Software Exhibition since the year 2000 . The web developers and the programmers of Corvus Tech have been participating enthusiastically in displaying their skills with utmost spirits. The participants have been working hard in presenting their efforts through various websites and softwares which are much appreciated by the viewers. The websites developed so far have covered the maximum possible topics in modern era. This not only encourages the participants to accelerate the growth rate of their potentials but also enables the excecutives to make a better choice in their hunt for IT solutions and manpower. This effort of Corvus Tech has been receiving much appreciation from the press media which covers the details of the exhibition publishing the skills of the students , thus encouraging them. The winners declared in the exhibition are awarded with meritorial certificates which help them in the long run.This not only helps in boosting up their confidence but also helps them in improving their future prospects.

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